Reiki master hands performing therapy with crystals

Reiki & Crystal Healing for Mind, Body, and Spirit


Experience healing and inner harmony through Reiki and crystal & natural energy therapy in Hamilton, Ontario.

Soulful Blessings offers compassionate sessions to promote holistic well-being.

Calm the mind, Empower the soul, Fill your spirit with passion.

Restore and harmonize your natural energy flow.

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How I can help you

Reiki and other forms of personal and crystal healing is performed by Susy, a Reiki Master & Advanced Crystal Master Practitioner

Reiki Master Hands Performing Healing

Reiki Therapy

Pronounced “Ray-Key” this universal life force treats the body, emotions, mind and spirit as a whole.

You may experience

  • a warmth of energy flowing from my hands through you.
  • a feeling of tranquility
  • a feeling of relaxation

This allows a deeper connection so your natural healing abilities engage.

Energy Healing And Crystals In Hamilton

Crystal Energy

Certain crystals are positioned to open, soothe, or maintain each chakra point.

This allows you to restore and support vibrational energy.

Feel a deep sense of relaxation while re-aligning energetic frequencies allowing for soul learning,  physical healing and spiritual growth.

Certified Reiki Therapist in Hamilton Ontario

Certified Reiki Master

I have earned the prestigious certification with the Canadian Reiki Association.

Members are held accountable, and work within the Reiki “Scope of Practice”, and perform to the highest standards.

Extended Health Benefits may cover Reiki Therapy performed by a Canadian Reiki Association Certified Reiki Master Practitioner.

About Susy

I encourage my clients to be empowered in their life, to develop a routine that enhances a sense of peace, relaxation, and self-love.

I help you develop healthy habits such as a meditation routine, working on self-love, and connecting you to what really matters.

My goal is to help you in your healing journey with the best and most professional methods.

Testimonials From My Clients

Read feedback from my clients


I really had no idea what to expect and had a very basic idea of what the appt entailed but wanted to give it a try.

I’m not completely sure how to explain what happened except that she tapped into my emotions in a very unexpected way.

I honestly can’t wait to go back again soon and highly recommend it.


I really can’t describe the magic in Susy’s hands.

She managed to get me to open up for the first time in DECADES. Her energy is beautiful Thank you for a wonderful session!!

I feel so light!


I would best describe Susy and my Reiki session as a cleansing and a blessing. A beautiful experience.

Susy has a great energy and is very intuitive! I definitely would recommend.

Reduce stress & relax.
Engage your body’s natural healing abilities.

Contact Susy

If you’d like to book your next appointment, or have any questions.

Phone & Text: (905) 912-1275


Located in East Hamilton.